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Why Avian Cloud?

Avian Cloud offers tailored cloud labs for Digital Investigations, Forensics and eDiscovery.

Automatically provisioned with market-leading technologies, bundled with the right hardware resources,

training and services that fits your requirements and budget. And only when you need it.

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Market-leading technologies

Give your team technologies that are loved and trusted by experts around the globe.

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Flexible subscription options allow you to scale up and down as needed in volume and capability

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Automations that work

Automated data workflows, user authorizations and data interfaces to make your life easier

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Supreme Security

Isolated tenant and keys. Unique Sovereign and Confidential Computing options

Choose the subscription right for you

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Unlock investigative and eDiscovery capability for a single user.

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Unlock investigative and eDiscovery capability and mission-critical support services for a wider team or external collaborations.

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1-click Digital Forensics / eDiscovery Labs coming soon...

In 2023, Avian will launch it's new product, Avian Cloud, This 1-click cloud-based digital investigations and eDiscovery platform is the solution for all organizations looking to migrate their Digital Forensics / eDiscovery to the cloud. Read more here

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Avian Cloud

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Frequently asked questions

Can we order a time limited AvianCloud solution?

Yes, if you do not need a permanent setup, we can offer access starting from a month. This is a good option if you, for example, would like to temporarily increase processing (and review) capacity to reduce your backlog at home.

Can I use T2D3 on my phone?

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Can I change my plan later?

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What is so great about the Pro plan?

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What exactly is Avian Cloud?

Avian Cloud is a state-of-the-art Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) specifically designed for Digital Forensics and eDiscovery. Imagine it as a digital investigations lab that operates entirely in the cloud. It offers a comprehensive suite of tools and services for digital investigations and legal discovery processes.

Think of Avian Cloud as a highly advanced, online toolbox designed to help you navigate and analyze vast amounts of digital evidence. It's like having a powerful magnifying glass that lets you zoom in on the exact information you need from a sea of digital documents, emails, media and other file types.

Whether you're delving into digital forensics to uncover evidence of cyber activities, or embarking on e-discovery for legal processes, Avian Cloud equips you with the right set of tools. And the best part? You don't need to be an expert in these fields to use it – Avian Cloud simplifies these complex tasks and makes them accessible to everyone.


Who can benefit from using Avian Cloud?

Avian Cloud is ideal for law enforcement agencies, corporate investigation teams, legal professionals, and any organization requiring digital forensics and eDiscovery services. Whether you're dealing with data breaches, misconduct, fraud, or other legal investigations, Avian Cloud provides the necessary tools and infrastructure.

How does Avian Cloud enhance security for its users?

Security is a cornerstone of Avian Cloud.

  • Every customer has has a separate, isolated tenant, authenticates cloud identities with MFA.
  • Compliance with various ISO2700x/27100 standards further solidifies its commitment to maintaining a secure and reliable platform.
  • Data is encrypted at-rest and in-transit. Data at-rest is encrypted both by the cloud provider and by Avian Cloud from the inside using two sets of encryption keys unique to the customer. Optional Confidential Computing with dedicated enclaves also available for encrypting data in-use.


How does Avian Cloud ensure data privacy and compliance with regulations?

Avian Cloud adheres to stringent data privacy policies and is compliant with various international standards, including ISO27001 and GDPR. It allows customers to have control over their data, including choosing the geographic location for data storage, which helps in complying with specific jurisdictional data protection regulations.

What makes Avian Cloud a more agile platform than alternatives?

Avian Cloud offers a self-service flow, allowing users to set up and manage their digital forensics lab quickly and intuitively. Automatic provisioning means you can start your investigations without delay. Plus, the flexibility of choosing either short-term or longer subscriptions caters to diverse user needs.

All of which are unique features in the digital investigations marketplace.

What sets Avian Cloud apart from traditional digital forensics labs?

Traditional digital forensics labs often involve complex setups and high overhead costs to procure and manage, also in terms of physical capacity.

Avian Cloud, being cloud-based, significantly reduces these complexities and costs. Its subscription model offers flexibility and scalability not typically found in conventional labs, making it a more efficient and cost-effective solution.

And best of all, your team can focus on investigations, and not making the systems work. 

Can Avian Cloud handle large-scale and growing demands?

Absolutely! Avian Cloud is built for scalability. You can effortlessly add more computational power, storage, users, or additional features as needed. Its scalable nature is complemented by accessible training and consulting services, ensuring that you can adapt to increasing or changing demands seamlessly.

Is Avian Cloud suitable for organizations with no prior experience in digital forensics?

Yes, Avian Cloud is designed to be user-friendly and accessible, even for those without extensive experience in digital forensics. The platform's intuitive interface and self-service options make it easy to navigate. Additionally, Avian Cloud provides comprehensive training and support to help all users maximize the platform's capabilities.

What kind of support does Avian Cloud offer to its users?

Users of Avian Cloud have access to comprehensive support, including 24/7 helpdesk, technical assistance, and expert consultation. Our dedicated team is always ready to assist with any queries or issues, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted experience.

What types of software does Avian Cloud offer for digital investigations?

Avian Cloud provides a wide range of specialized software tools that cater to various aspects of digital investigations. This includes software for forensic data collection, analysis, and reporting, as well as tools for eDiscovery processes. We partner with leading software providers to ensure that our users have access to the most effective and advanced tools in the market.

Ex. Nuix, Magnet, Cellebrite, Oxygen, Belkasoft, Reveal, Relativity, Epiq Discovery, etc.

Each tool is accessible from an easy-to-use user portal - desktop applications using Remote Desktop, and web applications directly from the browser with Single-Sign-on (SSO)

Can Avian Cloud integrate with existing digital forensics tools used by my organization?

Yes, Avian Cloud is designed for flexibility and can integrate with many existing digital forensics tools. Our platform supports a Bring-Your-Own-License (BYOL) model, allowing you to incorporate tools you are already using. This ensures a seamless transition and continuity in your digital investigation processes.

Can Avian Cloud be deployed offline?

Yes, Avian Cloud can indeed be deployed in an offline environment. This allows customers who have specific security requirements or those who operate in restricted internet access environments to benefit from Avian Cloud's comprehensive digital forensics and eDiscovery capabilities.

The effectiveness of the offline deployment will depend on the existing infrastructure of the customer. Our team will work closely with you to ensure that the deployment aligns with your current setup and meets your specific operational needs, ensuring that you can leverage all the functionalities of Avian Cloud effectively, even in an offline setting.

I already have a digital lab offline. Why would I move to Avian Cloud?

Moving to Avian Cloud from an offline digital lab brings significant advantages, especially when considering the convenience of managing everything under one subscription. Here's why it could be a game-changer for you:

  1. Scalability and Flexibility: Avian Cloud allows you to easily scale your resources up or down based on your needs, a flexibility that is hard to achieve with physical infrastructure. This means you can expand or reduce your storage and processing power without the hassle of upgrading physical hardware.

  2. Access to Advanced Tools: With Avian Cloud, you get access to a comprehensive suite of the latest tools and technologies for digital forensics and eDiscovery. These tools are constantly updated, ensuring you're always equipped with the most advanced solutions available.

  3. Collaboration and Remote Access: Avian Cloud facilitates seamless collaboration and remote working capabilities, enabling your team to work efficiently from anywhere. This is especially advantageous in the current trend towards remote and distributed work environments.

  4. Security and Compliance: The platform adheres to stringent security standards and compliances, offering a secure and reliable environment for handling sensitive data.

  5. One Subscription Convenience: Perhaps one of the biggest benefits is the simplicity of having all these features under one subscription. This consolidates your costs and administrative efforts, making it easier to manage budgets and resources. With Avian Cloud, you're not just getting a service; you're getting an all-encompassing solution that grows and adapts with your organizational needs.

Where does Avian Cloud fit into the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM)?

Avian Cloud plays a versatile role in the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM), which is a framework used to outline the stages of the electronic discovery process. Avian Cloud's capabilities span across multiple stages of the EDRM:

  1. Identification: You can use Avian Cloud to identify potential sources of electronically stored information (ESI) relevant to your case.

  2. Preservation: Avian Cloud offers tools for ensuring that ESI is protected against alteration or loss.

  3. Collection: The platform allows for the gathering of ESI in a manner that maintains its integrity.

  4. Processing: With Avian Cloud, you can reduce and organize ESI to manageable forms through its advanced processing tools.

  5. Review: The platform provides robust functionalities for reviewing ESI, enabling legal teams to evaluate materials for relevance and privilege.

  6. Analysis: Avian Cloud facilitates the analysis of ESI, helping to identify patterns, topics, and key concepts.

  7. Production: It supports the conversion of ESI into formats suitable for sharing with opposing counsel or stakeholders, in compliance with legal requirements.

  8. Presentation: Although primarily focused on the earlier stages, Avian Cloud can also assist in presenting key information during cases or trials.

By covering these aspects of the EDRM model, Avian Cloud proves to be an essential tool for organizations and professionals involved in digital forensics and e-discovery, streamlining the entire process from identification to presentation.

Does Avian integrate AI (Artificial Intelligence) into its platform?

Yes, Avian Cloud integrates AI technologies to enhance its digital forensics and eDiscovery capabilities. An excellent example of how AI, particularly a tool like Merlin, can be beneficial in an eDiscovery case is as follows:

Consider a legal case where a large corporation is required to review thousands of emails and documents for relevant information. Here's where Merlin's AI capabilities come into play:

  1. Efficient Document Sorting: Merlin can quickly analyze and categorize these documents. Using natural language processing, it can understand the context and content of the emails and documents, efficiently sorting them into relevant and non-relevant categories.

  2. Pattern Recognition: In cases where specific patterns of communication or particular topics are crucial, Merlin's AI can scan through the data to identify these patterns. This is especially helpful in pinpointing evidence of compliance or non-compliance with regulations.

  3. Predictive Analysis: Merlin can predict which documents might be relevant to the case based on previous inputs and learning. This predictive analysis significantly reduces the time lawyers spend reviewing documents, as it highlights potentially relevant information upfront.

  4. Redaction and Privacy Compliance: Merlin's AI can also assist in automatically redacting sensitive information, ensuring compliance with privacy laws and regulations, which is a critical aspect of eDiscovery.

  5. Anomaly Detection: In cases of fraud detection or misconduct, Merlin can help identify anomalies in communication patterns or financial transactions that might indicate wrongful behavior.

By integrating AI like Merlin, Avian Cloud not only speeds up the eDiscovery process but also adds layers of intelligence and accuracy, making it an invaluable tool for legal teams dealing with large volumes of data.


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