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Meet the Team

Jacob Isaksen

CEO/Founder, +45 53500294

Jacob Isaksen is the Founder and CEO of Avian - started in 2015.


Jacob helps customers realize the benefits of adding the right technology and workflows to support Digital Forensic Investigations, eDiscovery and Analytics. Jacob has a vast knowledge of various technologies and usage scenarios in this domain.


Before working in Digital Forenisics and eDiscovery Jacob had 20+ years of experience in Enterprise Information Management, Analytics, Software Development and ERP.


Jacob is based in the Copenhagen region, Denmark.

Lars Lüning

Account Director, +45 29733090

Lars has a strong background within Law Enforcement, as a police officer, criminal investigator, and digital forensics investigator at the Danish National Police, National Cyber Crime Centre.


Lars helps Avian's customers plan and manage large-scale digital investigations environments using a range of technologies.


Lars is also advising and training end users of Digital Forensics and eDiscovery review tools on how to structure and perform investigations in the most optimal way.


Lars is based in the Copenhagen region, Denmark.

Simon Juul

Technical Operations Manager

Simon has over 10 years of IT experience in IT Operations, Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics, most recently from Danish National Police, Cyber Crime Center (NC3).


Simon is responsible for planning, coordinating, and executing organizational technical processes at Avian, as well as controlling and managing the specific tasks needed to maintain the performance and reliability of of our technical services.


Simon is based in Copenhagen region, Denmark.

Johan Pontén

Head of R&D

Johan has a strong background in telecommunications, R&D, UN, and Law Enforcement. Most recently as a Digital Forensics Analyst in Swedish National Police, Cyber Crime Centre (SC3).


Johan is responsible for the development of Avian's Digital Investigations platform products. Johan also helps Avian's customers plan and architect large-scale digital investigations architectures.

Johan is based in Perpignan area, France.

Daniel Oppenlænder

Forensics Technical Support

Daniel is Avian's driving force in supporting Avian's customers with their day-to-day support and technical services requests, both remote and on-site.


Daniel also performs implementation and maintenance for Avian customers.


Daniel is one of the most experienced Nuix experts around, having performed or called on to help more than 200 large cases.

Daniel is based in the Copenhagen region, Denmark.

Jonathan Whitaker Nissen

Digital Forensics Support

Jonathan's main tasks are to support customers of Avian in any technical issue that might arise. Jonathan also performs QA and infrastructure management of Avian Cloud.


Jonathan has a bachelor's degree in IT-security from Copenhagen School of Design and Technology.


Jonathan is based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Sascha Andersen

Task Manager

Sascha coordinates Avian's many project and operational tasks. Sascha makes sure we provide seamless delivery of many complex tasks to a number of different clients on time in a well-structured fashion.


Sascha also makes sure that Avian standard operating procedures are adhered to. She makes sure new knowledge is embedded into the procedures continuously to ensure best practices are leveraged across Avian's customer base always.

Sascha is based in the Copenhagen region, Denmark.

Inga Valaviciute


With a background in Branding and Marketing Management Inga helps Avian to ensure a proper digital representation both online and on the website.


Her main tasks include making social media campaigns, analyzing the market, maintaining brand image.


Inga is working from the Herning area, Denmark.

Janne Ruby


Janne makes sure book keeping, invoicing, payment and salaries are up-to-date and correct at all times.


Janne is based in the Aarhus area, Denmark.

Wider team

Avian also works closely with 10+ people who are directly engaged with commercial, systems development and compliance-related activities on behalf of Avian Digital Forensics, in Denmark, Sweden, France and UK.


We are always looking for bright people to join our organization.

Do you speak fluent Danish, Swedish or Norwegian - and business English?

Are you located within commute distance to Copenhagen?

Do you have deep hands-on technical experience of one of the following:

  • Digital Forensics
  • eDiscovery
  • DevOps
  • SaaS

If yes, then we welcome you to write us at contact@avian.dk 

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