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Reasons for automations in Digital Forensics and eDiscovery




The complexity of digital investigations and the volume of data is increasing constantly. This makes workflow automation become a leading method to solve today’s digital investigation challenges. Automation is the process allowing us to produce and deliver investigative outcomes with minimal human intervention. It helps to improve efficiency, reliability, standards, and/or speed of many tasks that are normally performed manually by forensic investigators which are scarce resources in most investigative units.


Automation helps to speed up the digital forensics workflow processes, by eliminating idle time in between the different steps of processes, ensures utilization of hardware and licenses, making you work faster and smarter.

Processing Overview

The best Automation tools gives forensic teams an easy overview of cases that are currently running. They allow troubleshooting issues in real time easier using interactive dashboards, alerts and consolidated log analysis. The dashboard overview enables management to overlook progress of cases in queue cases currently being processed cases which helps improve planning of resources needed to solve more cases.

Minimized errors

The implementation of Automation allows investigative units to minimize errors. Since most of the work is done by a computer, you do not need to worry about any potential human errors when accelerating case throughput. However, great care must be taken to define the proper tasks in the automated workflow templates.

Enforce standards

Automation ensures high quality standards, such as ISO17025, in every case, while reducing manual steps for your team to perform. Using automation and working template-driven enables teams to bring down the possibility of making errors and enforce high standards throughout. Fewer errors mean more efficiency and solving cases faster.


Automation is a reliable way to improve the quality and efficiency of digital forensics workflows, making sure that the tasks are done on time and with little to no errors.

At Avian Digital Forensics we provide an integrated Automation platform, built using industry-leading technologies, for our customers to bring down idle time, ensure high quality results every time and solve cases faster than ever before. Are you considering implementing automation in your digital forensics or eDiscovery workflow? Contact usto get started!

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