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The mission behind Avian Cloud: Addressing Injustice with Digital Forensic Innovation

Avian Cloud empowers justice with advanced digital forensics, streamlining investigations and ensuring data security for a fairer future.



People often ask me what problem Avian Cloud actually solves. Summing it up succinctly is challenging, but read on to learn more - I promise it's worth your time.

The Core Issue

The fundamental problem we address is the failure of organizations to take action for victims of injustice. These victims span individuals, families, communities, institutions, and corporations. Their collective suffering undermines our mutual trust and humanity.

Cases of workplace harassment can stretch back over a decade. Systemic fraud and bribery often take years to emerge. Government agencies grapple with prosecuting historical events, leaving victims questioning if justice will ever be served. This issue is prevalent across the numerous organizations and thousands of cases we've encountered.

The Underlying Challenge

Digital investigations, our area of expertise, are often hampered by their technical complexity, leading to:

  • Overlooked issues due to disconnected data points.
  • Inadequate case outcomes from technical and process shortcomings.
  • Compromised security and privacy, exacerbating victim suffering.

Our Mission

To streamline the process of identifying misconduct, and initiating and conducting investigations and discovery. In order to solve more cases quicker and thus help more victims.

Our Solution

Avian Cloud is a unique digital investigations platform designed around our ethos. We champion collaboration, technological choice, efficiency through automation and integration, and a commitment to resolving common security/accessibility dilemmas.

Avian Cloud fosters teamwork, features an open technology ecosystem, streamlines repetitive tasks, and upholds the highest security standards to facilitate a contemporary work approach.

We hope our efforts will significantly benefit the victims seeking justice.

Do you share this mission?

If you relate to this mission then get in touch or leave a comment.


Girl in the snow

A photo of my daughter in the snow not long ago. To me, Avian Cloud is also about a better future for our kids.  

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