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Moving data to Avian Cloud

Optimize digital forensics with Avian Cloud: Fast, secure data transfer & instant VM access, featuring SSO & Azure integration for professionals.



Speed and security by design.

In the Digital forensics and eDiscovery domain, at the time of processing, we need large chunks of data on high-performance storage for time efficiency – moving it around as few times as possible.
This calls for working smart, even more so in an external cloud context, where we usually will not enjoy a 10Gbps connection.

Avian Cloud provides a ready-to-use data upload and download feature — accessible right where you need it among your MyApps applications. Security-wise, it also follows the Single-Sign-On (SSO) principle based on home organization credentials.

 Avian Cloud UI

Avian Cloud Frontpage with Data Transfer app

The Data Transfer feature of Avian Cloud is designed with the precision needs of digital forensics analysts and investigators in mind, allowing for the seamless upload of evidence files directly to the appropriate storage location in a single operation. This functionality minimises transfer time and eradicates the typical delays associated with handling large volumes of data in the Terabyte range.

Enhancing this utility, data transferred into Avian Cloud becomes instantly accessible across various Virtual Machines and sessions within Avian Cloud. Whether utilizing sophisticated forensic tools like Nuix, Reveal, Oxygen, MSAB, or operating on diverse platforms such as Windows, Linux, or even via command prompt, the data you need is always right where you need it. This universal accessibility ensures that the critical data at the heart of your investigations is readily available regardless of your chosen investigation tool or operating environment.

Data plays a pivotal role in the investigative process, serving as the foundation upon which cases are built and resolved. With this in mind, we've meticulously designed our platform to facilitate easy access to this data, ensuring it remains at the forefront of your investigative efforts. Avian Cloud's commitment to making data handling as straightforward and efficient as possible underscores our dedication to supporting the crucial work of digital forensics professionals worldwide.

Data transfer: A simple and user-friendly app at your fingertips. 

Data transfer app

Security: Using existing Azure APIs combined with Avian Cloud SSO, security is there by design.

Speed: Users' speed experience will normally depend on the upstream connection rate rather than the performance of the Cloud platform.

Benchmark tests have shown that Avian Cloud often pushes data up to the limit of the internet connection.


Need to transfer a lot of data and files? Azure's classic Storage Explorer is your answer.

Azure's classic Storage Explorer client may also be used, using the same credentials as for Data Transfer.
This is especially useful if the customer already has other services than Avian Cloud or several Avian Cloud instances.

Azure storage explorer

Security: Together with Avian Cloud SSO, use the proven Storage Explorer to take advantage of the additional features of Azure storage securely.

Speed: Moving data between such services happens solely within Azure, without passing through your desktop, and at impressive speeds.

In conclusion, Avian Cloud redefines the approach to data management in the digital forensics and eDiscovery sector by emphasizing efficiency, security, and user-friendliness. Through its Data Transfer app and seamless integration with Azure's classic Storage Explorer, Avian Cloud offers a sophisticated yet straightforward solution for handling massive data volumes. It combines the robust security framework of SSO with the high-speed capabilities of Azure, ensuring that your data is secure and transferred with optimal efficiency.

Choosing Avian Cloud means investing in a platform designed from the ground up to cater to the specific needs of digital forensics professionals. It's about making the complex data transfer process as easy and efficient as possible without compromising security. In a field where time and accuracy are critical, Avian Cloud stands out as the intelligent, user-friendly choice for professionals who demand the best speed, security, and simplicity.


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